Wednesday, November 15, 2006

z---- liberation day

today is one of my personal holidays. i have eleven personal holidays over the course of the year, though i can't remember the day for all of them anymore. "stick day", for example, i think falls sometime in june, but i'm not even sure about that.

but i'll never forget z---- liberation day. it's the 15th of november. today commemorates the day i quit the worst job i've ever held. j------ z---- is the name of my asshole boss. (in real life there are more letters, not dashes. i just don't want him to ego surf his way to this post)

this year marks the tenth z---- liberation day. i can't believe that nightmare job was that long ago. it was my first job out of law school. i lasted at the firm with z---- for 11 months, at the time it was a new record. no attorney before me had worked for z---- that long. my predecessor filed an ethics complaint against him as she walked out the door. but i was happy enough just to be out.

oh and j------ z---- looked exactly like binyamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister at the time. i developed an intense dislike for the israeli PM whenever he came on the t.v., partly because he reminded me of my horrible boss. (okay, i didn't like his policies either. but the resemblance only made it worse).

anyway, i haven't thought about z---- for a long time. but walking out of work on november 15, 1996 was, at the time, one of the best moments in my life. it was also what got me into my current racket. after leaving z----, i went into labor. and i've been there ever since.

...i just checked. he's still in practice. i wonder who he's torturing now.