Tuesday, February 27, 2007

cons: can be killed if he is hit in the heel

the boston globe got its hands on a powerpoint presentation prepared by people inside the romney campaign documenting their candidate's weaknesses. a couple of weeks back, a confidential memo prepared by the giuliani campaign that discussed rudy's vulnerabilities also leaked to the press.

it makes me wonder why a campaign would ever create something that potentially embarrassing. i understand that every candidate has his or her weaknesses and each campaign has to figure out to how deal with them. but i would think that the potential embarrassment from a leak would deter anyone from writing down a comprehensive list.

the romney one, for example, lists "too perfect hair" as one of romney's flaws. "too perfect hair"?!? i'm no fan of mitt, but i never would have thought of that one. now that i've read the article, i'm gonna be looking at his hair every time i see a photo of him.