Tuesday, February 27, 2007

drinking liberally: the return

i'll be at the philly drinking liberally tonight. as always everyone is welcome: tangier, 18th and lombard, 6 p.m. until the critical mass can't hold and everyone leaves.

a while ago, i promised myself that i would try to plug the philly DL every week. and i did for a while, but... well... it just got dull posting the same thing again and again week after week. besides, i show up pretty much every week. after a while, i felt my presence was sort of implied and there was no need to waste any precious blogging energy over something everyone already knew.

then last week i skipped DL to attend an advanced screening of the namesake. i didn't really tell anyone in advance. so no doubt last week was the one time that throngs of noz fans showed up looking for me. in any case, i will make my triumphant return tonight. unless i get run over on the way. everyone and anyone is welcome to show up, buy me a drink, and shower me with gifts and adoration. this is your big chance. don't blow it.

(in writing this post i went to the DL site today for the first time in a while. i had no idea that melbourne, australia was in the caribbean. those plane tickets are really overpriced.)