Monday, February 12, 2007


it is a mystery why no one wants to put their name behind the evidence that presented yesterday against iran. just as it's a mystery why the unnamed accusers are claiming that the iranian arms are going to the mahdi army, which as far as i can tell has not attacked u.s. forces for the past two years. just as it's a mystery why no one was allowed to take pictures of the evidence, even though the evidence was shown to reporters. just as it's a mystery why, if the serial numbers really do show that the arms were made in iran, the military won't also provide some documentation that would allow reporters to match the serial numbers to manufacturers themselves. just as it's a mystery why the u.s. is getting all excited over allegations that, even if we assume that everything they say is true, accounts for the weapons behind 8% of attacks in u.s. forces, and not the other 92% which involved weapons likely supplied by people from "friendly" countries in the GCC.

everyone loves a good mystery.