Wednesday, April 04, 2007

i spy?

i can't be the only one to wonder if this guy is a spy.

i don't usually like to voice these kinds of suspicions. after all, we'll probably never know either way and often the only reason for the suspicion is because you hear about something that's outside your normal range of experience. i mean, a couple of times friends have told me that their parents, grandparents, etc. think i'm a spy simply because of the places that i like to go for vacation.

but in this case it's not the fact that levinson was vacationing in iran that made me wonder, it's the fact that he used to work for the DEA and FBI. and the fact that his current job is some kind of vaguely described consulting work.

on the other hand, i've never heard any description of consulting work that wasn't vaguely worded. so who knows.