Wednesday, June 20, 2007


it looks pretty certain that bloomberg is going to run an independent campaign for president. there's really no other reason to make an announcement like this unless that's what he intended to do. and because he's a billionaire, a self-funded campaign is certainly feasible.

i just don't understand why he would want to do it. i mean, bloomberg presumably is a politically savvy guy, that's how he got to be NYC mayor. and its pretty obvious that independent presidential campaigns are losing campaigns in this country. ross perot's riches couldn't buy him the oval office. at best all bloomberg will be able to do is waste a lot of his personal fortune for the opportunity to be called a "spoiler" in the general election.

i have no love for this country's two-party system. it would be nice if people could successfully run for president without being a D or an R. but realistically, i don't think the dominance of the two parties is going to change anytime soon. so i don't get why bloomberg is willing to piss away his money for such a hopeless cause.