Thursday, August 16, 2007

sock puppet report

when the surge was announced back in january, they said, wait six months and then we can see whether it's working.

and when the six months were up last month, they said the surge hadn't started yet and we should wait until general petraeus' report in september. the president said he will follow whatever the general says.

but now it turns out that the general isn't saying anything in september. the white house itself is writing the patraeus report.

which means "wait to hear what the general has to say" is a total crock. which means bush and his staff lied when they said that the report was coming from the general rather than bush's own staff. which means that the report won't have any new "perspective from the ground" but will just echo what the bush administration has been saying all along. which means that we already know what the report will say and there's no need to wait.

is there anything about this war coming from the white house that doesn't turn out to be a load of horseshit? anyone who even refers to the report by using the word "patraeus" is doing nothing more than participating in a government disinformation campaign.