Saturday, December 01, 2007


i gotta admit, i'm a little disappointed that all these rudy scandals are coming out now. anyone who remembers giuliani when he was NYC mayor is aware that the guy is probably unelectable in a national race. he just had too much embarrassing stuff from his tenure as mayor. on top of that, his penchant to exaggerate and his tendency to melt-down whenever he is subjected to negative press coverage guaranteed that if he made it to the general election the campaign would be exceedingly entertaining with no serious fear that this nutjob could actually win. the past 6 years of gushing national coverage has both obscured giuliani's problems from much of the wider american audience and built his ego up to such a level that he was sure to stumble once he was subjected to the barbs of the campaign.

anyway, giuliani is not out yet. it's just too bad that this stuff is coming out too early, and rudy's in danger of going into tantrum mode before they eyes of the entire nation when they still have a chance of picking another republican.

so get it together rudy! you just gotta hold out for a couple more months before you let it all hang out.