Thursday, February 07, 2008

so long mitt

barring some completely unexpected huckmentum, the republican race appears to be over. it could be fun to watch the freak-out (hell, my buddy pam is at the CPAC conference, where mi'ens is expected to announce that he's out. maybe we can get a nice full-throttled freak-out out of her), but even that will get pretty dull after a day or two.

in the longer run it will point the entire spotlight on the democratic side. which could be really good for the democrats, giving them all kinds of free media attention with the republicans are out of the conversation entirely. or, more likely, we'll get even more fluffy coverage about who snubbed who, making everyone seem like a bunch of petty 6th graders.

(first link via sean-paul, photo posted with apologies to drexel dem)