Thursday, March 06, 2008

disappearing wars

i think we've all gotten used to it, but it really is shocking when i reflect that while the u.s. is at war in two different countries, but i can read the entire daily newspaper and get almost no impression of how either war is going.

in the print edition of today's new york times, the only iraq war news is tucked at the very end of this article about investment in oil fields in iraq. there also is a brief note that an american died in iraq yesterday, but no information at all about the death or the attack that killed him. nor is any attack that resulted in the death of any american mentioned anywhere in the oil fields article. both articles appear on page A10 of the print edition of the paper.

there is no mention at all of afghanistan.

two and a half years ago i posted about this phenomenon. but i think it's even more extreme now than it was then.