Saturday, March 08, 2008


the new earlier daylight savings time begins tonight. the 2005 energy bill pushed back the start date for DST by 4 weeks (from early early april to early march) and the end date of DST by one week (from the last weekend in october to the first weekend in november). the change makes american DST further out of sync with other countries who adjust their clocks for the season (although that never completely matched up before the change). but the new daylight savings system also does something else that kind of bugs me.

we have standard time and daylight savings time. standard time is the "regular" time (which is why it's "standard") whereas DST is the adjustment. under the current rule there are only 18 weeks of "regular" time (standard time) and 34 weeks of the adjustment (DST). i grew up thinking that DST/ST were split roughly 50-50. that wasn't really true, under the old system DST had 29 weeks to standard time's 23. but now it seems even more out of whack. almost 2/3 of the year is now the adjustment from the standard time. when "standard" becomes such a rarity can we really continue to call it standard?

then again, why do i care? i guess just by writing this i've decided that it really doesn't bug me all that much after all. ah, i feel much better now.

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