Saturday, May 31, 2008


11 years ago today mrs. noz and i got married. eleven is not a fancy number, not like that uppity ten. but it's still pretty good, even a little better than ten. it's got that extra one, like that amp in spinal tap.

a week ago, my secretary turned 50 and they had a party for her at the office. at one point i was standing around with her and she said, "what did i do to deserve this?" "you lived this long" i replied. sometimes i wonder if anniversaries are the same. when people congratulate me and say "wow, eleven years" were they expecting different? is it "holy crap, i can't believe you actually managed to sustain a relationship this long?" (if so, the joke's on them, the relationship began almost nineteen years ago. we took a while to get married). it's not like i ever had any doubts that we'd make it to eleven and beyond. getting married to mrs. noz is the best thing i've ever done. why would i ever do anything to muck that up?

anyway, this year turned out to be a little different. for the last 10 years were gone away to somewhere secret. this year is the first year the original plans were canceled. we're still going away a little bit. but the ponies will have to wait for another time.

(for history buffs: 10 9 8 7...)