Tuesday, June 10, 2008


so i got an iphone in april. though i love it, i have three two main complaints:

(a) no cut and paste function.

(b) no quick way to hit "pause" on the ipod.
on a regular old fashioned ipod, you just have to press the bottom of the wheel to pause. on my iphone, i need to: (1) hit the bottom botton, (2) slide across the bottom of the screen, then assuming it's already in the ipod player mode (3) hit the pause button. however, if it's not in the ipod player mode, i have to: (3) hit the bottom button to return to the main screen, (4) hit the "ipod" icon, and (5) hit the pause button. a lot of times i listen to podcasts on my ipod. if someone comes up to me and starts talking to me, i want to cut the audio instantaneously, without missing a moment of my precious podcast. there's gotta be a way to streamline the process.

(c) arabic characters don't display on the iphone
if i visit a site with arabic characters on my iphone each letter just looks like a box. the only non-latin characters that the iphone currently supports are chinese and japanese.

while i've been hearing rumors that (a) will be remedied in an upcoming software update, none of my beefs seem to be addressed in the new iphone, at least none are mentioned in any of the articles i've seen. but the fact that the iphone is coming to egypt at least gives me some hope on (c).

UPDATE (6/11/08): thanks to josh in the comments, i now know that there is an easy way to pause and unpause the ipod. that's what i get for learning my gadgets by fiddling with them rather than reading the instructions. so, one problem down, two more to go.