Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the dirt cascade

of all the crazy palin stuff that's come out in the past 24 hours some of it doesn't matter and no one will care (e.g. her husband's DUIs, that fact that she got married less than 9 months before the birth of her first child), some of it doesn't matter and will nevertheless get attention (e.g. her daughters pregnancy and upcoming shotgun wedding), and some of it does matter but i'm not sure if anyone will care because the press will be captivated by the knocked-up daughter story.

the things that i think do matter are her support of the "bridge to nowhere" before she turned against it, the fact that she ran senator steven's 527, palin's purge of political enemies when she became mayor of wasilla (which spawned talk of a recall effort), and her membership in the alaska independence party. the first two go directly to her anti-corruption/earmark image that mccain touts as the reason he picked her. the mayoral record is probably the best indication of her governing style, and the independence party thing, well, it cuts rather well against mccain's "country first" theme.

oh and then there's the trooper-gate scandal (hasn't that name already been taken?) that one already has legs. and it won't help that palin is going to be deposed before the election.

meanwhile, republican officials are already denying that palin will be withdrawn before the election. just the fact that there are denials is not a good sign for the ticket. and etrade has started taking bets.