Saturday, September 06, 2008

how it is playing out

the mccain people really do know what they're doing. while publicly complaining about the media's focus on palin's family issues, they're moving quickly to kill the real scandal concerning her abuse of power as alaska governor.

a couple of days ago i wondered how the scandal would play out, now it looks pretty certain that palin will not be subpoenaed, she won't testify (breaking her earlier promise to fully cooperate with the investigation) and that at least seven of her associates who earlier promised to testify, now will not. the bottom line is that alaska is solidly in republican control and that the republican establishment is no longer interested in investigating the scandal. instead they're circling their wagons to protect their party's vice presidential nominee. ironically, this is the same party establishment that palin claims she "took on" when she became governor.

and unless the press starts hounding the mccain campaign about the efforts to shut down the investigation, it probably will work.