Saturday, October 25, 2008

dispatch from earth-3

it's really hilarious to watch the right blogistanis get all excited about biden's interview with WFTV in central florida. watch the video yourself. there's nothing resembling a meltdown nor was it "erratic" or "super-gafftastic" (what exactly was his gaffe?). i don't even think he comes across as "angry" (note the "angry biden" picture in the newsbuster post isn't even taken from the interview)

instead, we have an interviewing asking him to respond to a series of often laughable rightwing mischaracterizations of the obama campaign. i actually thought biden handled it pretty well. he stayed calm and he was reasonable to ask about the seriousness of the questions after the interviewer strayed deep into wingnut territory. the very different reaction these rightwing bloggers had to the video is just a testament to the weird alternate reality where they now live.