Thursday, November 20, 2008

اتفاق انسحاب القوات الأميركية من العراق

it's true.

also the arabic acronym of the title isn't "SOFA," it's something like iiqaa' (ااقاع). i don't think that spells anything, but it is sort of close to the word for "abyss" (قاع).

then again, i don't understand how arabs do acronyms. like why is "fatah" backwards? and how does hamas make the word "islamiyya" an "s" in their acronym? do they always use first letter of the root instead of the first letter of the word when they make acronyms? if so, then the acronym for the arabic agreement would be wasaqaa' (وسقاع), which is the arabic word for "and saqaa'"