Thursday, February 12, 2009


it seems that "lost" in the only tv show that i'm currently watching in real time (i.e. as it airs, as opposed to on DVD months or years afterwards), so i can actually comment about the show without seeming like a guy displaced in time.

and speaking of being displaced in time, the problem with "lost" is that it has never really made sense if you thought about it too much. but in prior seasons the nonsense was always off to the side. the plot happened in the foreground and so long as you didn't look over at the margins (or think about them too much), the contradictions wouldn't necessarily interfere with the overall show.

this season, in an effort to have the series come together with a tidy bow, they've turned their focus directly on margins and are charging headlong in. so you can't ignore that it doesn't really make sense anymore. the nonsense is the entire plot. but no one wants to admit that it doesn't make sense, because that would imply that you're not smart enough to follow all the contortions of the plot. and so we all keep watching.