Thursday, March 05, 2009

the yoo memos

scott horton has a good article about the recently released office of legal counsel memos. this stuff has been leaking out for a while, but it really is stunning to extent to which the bush administration essentially acted as if there was no constitution. this will probably assure that bush goes down in history as one of our worst.

but the craziest thing about all this is john yoo. why the hell hasn't that guy been disbarred? reading his memos is like reading the writings of someone who doesn't understand the most basic premises of the american legal system. it's not just stuff you learn in law school, it's stuff you're supposed to learn in junior high level civics classes. the guy should never be able to find work again in the legal field. the idea that both berkley and chapman hired him to teach in their law schools is a blight on those schools' reputation.