Monday, April 13, 2009

shaking in my boots

apparently the "considerable mockery" of the teabagger's movement indicates that liberals are scared of them. at least that's how right blogistan seems to be spinning it.

this is shaping up to be the perfect storm. usually when people do something that is unintentionally funny they realize it pretty quickly and stop being funny. in this case, the right has convinced itself that the mockery is nervous laughter, not genuine amusement. and because they love "pissing off liberals" more than anything else, they're likely to ramp up their ridiculousness, thinking that liberals will quake even more. instead they'll end up being even more fun to watch.

this just highlights one of the disadvantages of a movement that doesn't listen to what the other side says and yet simultaneously believes that it knows exactly what the the other side thinks. well, disadvantage for them. it's looking pretty good from where i sit. i personally can't wait for tax day this year.