Monday, April 27, 2009

someone doesn't like the GOP

first we had the mount redoubt eruption, making bobby jindal's mockery of volcano monitoring during the debate over the stimulus package look even stupider. and now the freakout about swine flu is reminding people of how republicans called flu pandemic preparedness funding wasteful during that same stimulus package debate. susan collins even succeeded in pulling that funding out of the bill in exchange for her support. talk about foresight!

it's almost like nature itself is plotting to make the GOP look dumb. someone should look to see if the republicans ever attacked funding for earthquake preparedness. if so, maybe we should start evacuating now?

ADDENDUM: some nobel laureate totally ripped off this post, or maybe great minds think alike... okay, i probably just bungled into the same idea as him. i really did write this post before i saw krugman's. really, i swear!