Wednesday, April 22, 2009

warrants outrage

it's fun to watch jane harman express "outrage" at the fact that her call was tapped and recorded by the NSA. harman was one of the democrats who was briefed on the bush administration's warrantless wiretap program before it was reported in the media. and then she became one of the biggest defenders of the program among the democrats after the NYT broke the story.

and now comes steny hoyer expressing "great concern" that a fellow congressman had her phone tapped. hoyer was the one who brokered the deal giving retroactive immunity to the illegal wiretap program and making it easier for the NSA to tap and record americans' conversations in the future.

apparently the real problem here is not harman's fourth amendment and statutory rights to privacy--in fact, because the harman tap was initiated as part of a criminal investigation it appears to be a legal tap made pursuant to a warrant--the real problem is that the target is a member of congress.