Thursday, April 23, 2009

what tom tomorrow said

along the line of the point that i've been trying to make recently, i think that this cartoon is actually fairly accurate. (click for a better view)

i just don't think the rightblogistanis realize how ridiculous they look to other people. want another example? there's this quote:
Last week, conservatives were complaining Obama was establishing a socialistic fascist dictatorship.

This week, conservatives are complaining Obama does not want to torture his opponents.
want another one? how about the claims that obama is a marxist because his administration is shoveling tons of dollars into wall street while working hard to avoid creating an ownership interest in the bailed out companies.

the right is being mocked because they keep doing very silly things. at the same time, they seem to be completely unaware how silly they look to everyone else. i find that to be completely fascinating.