Monday, May 18, 2009

hemorrhaging voters

i don't know why i continue to be fascinated by the GOP's ongoing disintegration as a viable national party. you'd think it would get old by now. but no, still fascinating. they've lost ground against the liberal, moderate and conservative demographic, the ultimate political trifecta!

i think the fascination is due to the fact that it is completely contrary to how i have grown to see the republican party over the past decade. even as i disagreed with most of their policies, they were always the ones who had their shit together. they weren't very good at governing, but they were brutally effective at winning elections. meanwhile, the democrats could always be counted on to be in total disarray. the dems are still kind of a mess, but all of a sudden the republicans have managed to somehow out-dysfunction them. i never would have thought that possible!

i just can't get over how quickly and completely the GOP has fallen. and i can't get over how what's left of the party base simply doesn't tolerate any effort to make them electable again.