Wednesday, June 24, 2009


i haven't felt the need to comment about governor sanford's disappearance. but it just gets weirder and weirder. first, he's disappeared and no one claimed to know where he was, including his wife. then his staffers said that he was hiking the appalachian trail, which hardly narrows down where the governor might be. (they might as well have said "he's somewhere on the eastern seaboard") apparently, these staffers continued to insist he was hiking even after reports that his car was spotted in the parking lot at the atlanta airport. now it turns out he was in argentina, which explains the car at the airport, but not the thing about the appalachian trail or the not telling his wife.

why did he go to south america? i really don't care. the only thing that makes this noteworthy at all is the way that sanford and his staff handled the questions. i expect more political hay will be made out of this and, quite possibly, sanford's prospects as a possible presidential candidate in 2012 won't last much longer.