Tuesday, July 07, 2009

what's in it for him?

looking at it from sanford's perspective, why would he resign?

the "appalachian trail" kerfuffle has now passed. the media was distracted by michael jackson, then sarah palin. once that happened, sanford seems like "old news" even though the story really isn't that old. when the media moves on, something big and new has to happen for them to come back. the political damage has already been done. sanford's prospects as a presidential candidate have been damaged, perhaps fatally. but resigning isn't going to make any of those things any better. he's got almost two more years in his term as governor. his national reputation may be shot, but it's possible that he can do something as governor to improve his image in the state and maintain his local political viability. that option is only available if he doesn't resign.

so what would sanford gain by resigning? nothing really. and staying as governor offers him a chance at rehabilitation (slim as it may be). plus he doesn't have to find another job. resigning may be the honorable thing. but if he were going to do that, he would have done it by now.

UPDATE: it looks like the SC GOP has taken a page from moveon.org. i think resignation is officially off the table now.