Thursday, August 06, 2009

so very tired

just in case you thought the blog looked a little more droopy than usual, i arbitrarily decided to start my annual decaffeination two days ago. this is still the transition week (cold turkey starts next tuesday), but every year this seems to get a little easier.

the only thing that's worse this time around is that i stopped having caffeinated coffee in the first morning after mrs. noz went out of town. whenever she goes away, my sleep schedule gets all messed up as i tend to stay up really late for no reason. i have a remarkable ability to goof around endlessly. then suddenly its 1:30 a.m. and i think, "holy shit! i work tomorrow. my alarm will ring in only 5-1/2 hours!" without mrs. noz to remind me to sleep, i often get preoccupied with whatever i'm doing and forget. usually when she's away, i make up for it, by upping the morning coffee dosage. but with me going off the sauce this week, i've just been slogging my way through. luckily, mrs. noz returns today. it looks like i'll make it without completely falling apart.