Thursday, October 08, 2009


why are they delaying the implementation of key elements of health care reform, like the public option, until 2013? it makes no sense. health care reform, assuming a non-bullshit reform actually passes, will be a major accomplishment of the obama administration. but if people are still going bankrupt from medical expenses when the 2012 election rolls around, they're not likely to notice any changes coming down the pike.

it doesn't make any political sense to delay the benefits of the legislation until the next presidential term. is there any practical reason health care reform will take that long to effectuate? is there something i'm missing or are the democrats just being politically inept for its own sake?

UPDATE: paul points me to the answer. it's not political ineptness for its own sake after all. it's catering to arbitrary budgetary targets that, in turn, lead to politically inept decisions. i'm glad that's cleared up.