Wednesday, October 28, 2009

memory lane

if i recall correctly, the entire purpose of welcoming joe lieberman into the democratic primary caucus (notwithstanding the fact that democratic voters in his home state rejected him, that he voluntarily quit the party to run as an independent, that he actively campaigned for the republican party presidential candidate and that he spoke at the republican party convention) was the idea that the democrats needed him to be guaranteed a 60-vote filibuster proof majority. the democratic leadership agreed to overlook those recent transgressions, honor joe's seniority and give him the chairmanship of an important committee, all in return for the promise that lieberman wouldn't join the republicans and vote against cloture.

that was the deal. but now lieberman has announced that he doesn't intend to honor his end of the bargain.

so fine. fuck lieberman, right? if he's not going to support the party caucus then why should the caucus let him be a member, honor his seniority or let him chair any committees? a deal's a deal. if holy joe isn't offering anything in return, then he should lose at least some of those perks he was given with the understanding that he would be the 60th vote. right?

apparently not.

hey, i have a deal for the democratic leadership! i'll promise to donate a gazillion dollars to every one of your reelection campaigns if you make me chairman of the senate finance committee today. go ahead and appoint me. the check's in the mail.