Thursday, November 12, 2009

DC archdiocese acts like same sex marriage is the worstest worst in the world

i'm not catholic and so i usually don't have much to say about things the catholic church does. as a non-believer it's really none of my business and they can run their religion any way they like.

but jesus, mary and joseph, it's weird how the american church is turning into little more than an anti-gay anti-abortion lobby. i mean, the catholic religion is also anti-death penalty, but has no problem aiding the poor in jurisdictions that put people to death.

again, i'm not saying that the catholic church has to adopt all the doctrines i like and ditch all the ones that i don't. i just think it's strange how the american church favors certain catholic doctrine and downplays or completely ignores others. it's like when the american church all but declared its support for george bush and threatened to excommunicate john kerry for his abortion stance, but completely ignored the fact that the church was also opposed to the iraq war. if you're really going to be this hard line, i don't understand how they can be this inconsistent.