Wednesday, March 10, 2010

12 going on 13

12 weeks ago today we left the u.s. for kazakhstan. although my leave from work was originally for 12 weeks, i'm still here with no end in sight. (i'm hoping that changes soon). meanwhile, mrs. noz is making a quick run home to take care of business. there's plenty of business that arises when you're out of the country far longer than you originally expected to be.

so i'm staying here to hold down the fort. and the fort does need holding. i'm happy to do it.

i feel bad that this blog has been even shittier than it's usual self lately. since i began this site so many moons ago, i have mostly used it to get stuff off my chest. that has worked fairly well even though there have always been a handful of topics that i won't mention here, no matter how much they weigh down on me. some things simply can't be posted online. at home those things mostly (but not entirely) had to do with my job. but even with that limitation, it usually left me with plenty other things to carry on about.

here, on the other hand, almost everything on my mind is unbloggable. it's a shame too because i have a lot of good rants that are itching to come out. this process lends itself to a good rant. several dozen, in fact. i'm wondering how much longer i can possibly resist some of them. with mrs. noz gone, i'll be alone here for the next ten days (alone aside from those 15 million kazakhstanis, that is). which means my live ranting opportunities will be even more limited than they have been.