Friday, September 24, 2010

bubble boy

that other mccain thinks that he hasn't proven he's a big enough dickhead yet.

and so we've got him raging against a stereotype, which looks pretty foolish to anyone who knows what susie stands for (e.g. he seems to be under the impression that susie was an obama supporter at some point). i'm convinced this guy never heard of susie madrak before yesterday. he must not come out of his echo chamber very often.

anyway, i left a comment. it's currently awaiting moderation. (it's funny how all the conservative sites seem to censor their comments). we'll see whether he lets it through.

UPDATE: my comment no longer displays as being in the moderation cue, mr. mccain has posted his own comment since i left mine and mine still hasn't appeared. which means that the comment was censored. here's the comment that was so shocking and offensive that mccain felt he had to delete it to protect his readers:
September 24th, 2010 @ 8:54 am

wow, you really had no idea who susie madrak was, did you? from what i see here, i don’t think you have any idea just how hopelessly ignorant you are about what she thinks.

sure, your groupies might call it a “brilliant beotch slapping”, but really all you’re slapping is a weird caricature that doesn’t exist. which may make you look brilliant to people who don’t know any better, but it doesn’t look so smart from where i’m sitting.