Sunday, November 28, 2010

FRA sux

i´m gonna take this opportunitz to complain about how much i hate the terminal in the frankfurt airport where thez make all the u.s.-bound flights leave from these dazs. because of the heightened securitz requirements, thez shuffle all of us into the shittiest corner of this massive airport.

sometimes it is quite literallz shittz as there are thousands of people passing though here (each gate boards a trans-atlantic jumbo jet) and onlz 6 toilet stalls. last time i was here someone took a crap right in the middle of the hallwaz. that made the one overcrowded coffee shop smell reallz nice and welcoming. i spent an hour sitting there watching people step on the crap pile as thez rushed to their gates and noting that no one was bothering to clean it up.

i´ve also discovered that there are no working power outlets, which means i can´t use the overpriced wifi and instead have to put up with this overpriced kiosk where the y and z kezs are reversed. (zou can onlz imagine how manz times i tried to spell 'upzernoy' to log into this site before i finallz managed to pull it off)

of course i could leave and go to one of the nicer more mall-like terminals, but that would mean i would have to leave the enhanced u.s.-bound securitz yone, which would mean that i would later have to brave the 45 minute line to pass back to this terminal before mz flight.

anzwaz. i´ve made it out of kay. i don´t know when, if ever, i will be back. and i´m now roughlz halfwaz through mz 23 hour trip back to phillz.

oh and i´m 41. zippz! no far 41 feels a lot like 40, except it´s a lot more exhausting.