Tuesday, January 11, 2011

if they lost heller...

it occurs to me that peter kings proposal to ban carrying handguns within 1000 feet of government officials, if enacted, would effectively reinstate the DC handgun ban that was struck down in district of columbia v. heller. after all, DC has so many government officials living and working there that all those 1000 foot exclusion zone circles would probably cover a good portion of the city on any given day.

of course with all those roving zones, it would be a nightmare to determine when one was in a gun-free zone and when one was not. so in addition to the second amendment issues, there would also be a potential fifth amendment due process issue. it just seems a lot fairer in terms of giving people reasonable notice what the rules are to have a gun ban defined by the city limits rather than having it based on a distance measurement centered on people moving around who often may not be readily recognizable as government officials.