Friday, January 28, 2011

selective prosecution

two months ago, wikileaks main site,, was taken down by hackers. someone even claimed responsibility for the cyberattack and bragged about it on twitter.

wikileaks wasn't stopped. it just moved to a bunch of mirror sites. then companies like amazon bowed down to pressure and announced that they would not host the wikileaks site. and paypal canceled wikileaks' account.

that triggered pro-wikileaks hackers to do a bunch of revenge hack attacks, they hit paypal and (after a few tries) took down amazon, at least briefly. they also attacked several other sites that had buckled under pressure to stop doing business with wikileaks.

so if we step back for a moment, we have two parties engaging in cyberattacks. there are the anti-wikileaks hackers who took down the original site and the pro-wikileaks hackers to took revenge on the companies that ceased doing business with wikileaks. both hacks are equally illegal. but the FBI only seems to be pursuing the anti-wikileaks people. has anything even happened to "the jester", the hacker who took down wikileaks and claimed responsibility? i can't find any indication that the authorities have made any effort to go after him.