Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the state of the union is whiny

last night was the state of the union address. every year i feel obligated to complain about why i don't like them and why i don't think they're worth watching. and yet, notwithstanding my complaints, every year they continue to hold the speech and televise it! the nerve of them.

anyway, as whiny as these things usually make me, this year i really don't have anything to say that i haven't said before. so let me just adopt by reference everything i've ever written about the SOTU address. i still think it's just a bunch of meaningless pageantry and political posturing masquerading as a newsworthy event. anything of relevance that does happen in the speech you can just as easily get from the snippets in the news the next day, or just read the full text yourself. the reality is that most of the time (absent an iconic line like "axis of evil") these things are pretty quickly forgotten.

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