Wednesday, March 02, 2011

the o'donnell angle

i don't understand why failed republican politicians continue to get news coverage. just this morning i saw a headline about sharron angle and christine o'donnell. those two didn't just fail in their senate bids, they both failed spectacularly. angle took on one of the most vulnerable democratic senators, a guy who had been polling well behind just about every republican for months, and then lost by six points. o'donnell lost her senate race by a whopping 17 points. both managed to lose senate races that should have been easy wins for the GOP in a year that overwhelmingly favored republican candidates.

so why are they still generating national media attention? personal delusions of grandeur notwithstanding, neither has any serious chance of ever being election to a national office. so why don't they just slip back into obscurity like most people who are not well known before they run for national office and who then fail to get elected? sometimes their coverage even strikes me as insulting to the failed candidate, especially when they end up being treated as some kind of celebrity. she always was a bit of a sideshow, but after a while i can't help but feel sorry for her.