Monday, April 25, 2011

that's it! you people have stood in my way long enough. i'm going to clown college!

somewhere in the archives i mention that it always bugs me when the posts on the left becomes shorter than the links on the right. when that happens it creates this empty blue space that mocks me, nagging that i haven't been posting enough. i try my best to ignore it, but it does get to me.

and now the gap is back and it's one of the biggest i've ever seen. as i write this (i.e. before i hit "publish" for this post, pushing the left content down a little further), the post side doesn't even reach any lower than the end of my "liberal coalition" blogroll. it's not that i haven't been posting at all. it's that my posts haven't been long winded enough, or i haven't thrown in enough other shit like youtube videos or pictures.

until we reach a new equilibrium, don't be surprised if i start tossing up a bunch of useless filler, just to get the blog to stop laughing at me. or maybe it's time to trim the blogroll again.