Tuesday, May 31, 2011


one of the common questions i get about kazakhstan is how women dress there. because it ends with "-stan" a lot of people assume that the women dress conservatively. maybe they imagine burqas, or maybe just long skirts and headscarves. in fact, it's completely the opposite. women, especially young women, tend to dress a lot more provocatively there than they do here. if you took the average 20-something female university student in her usual clothes and transplanted her to the u.s., people might mistake her for a prostitute.

when i first arrived in kaz, i didn't have the guts to take photos of all the short skirts, knee-high high-heeled boots and leopard-skin fabrics. and after a few weeks, i got used to it and stopped noticing (except when women tried to walk on the ice in their heels, that never got old!) but susan and paul, peace corps volunteers in northern kazakhstan posted some pictures. so now when people ask i can just send them to that post.

(via KZblog)