Wednesday, May 04, 2011

where in the world is mrs. bin laden?

one thing that occurred to me when i wrote this post: where is that wife of bin laden who was shot in the leg? the current story is that she survived, does that mean she was captured? was anyone else taken alive from the operation? if so, where are they now?

remember the "black sites" are supposedly closed, guantanamo is not accepting any new detainees. so where could they be?

UPDATE: according to al-arabiyya, two women and six children who were taken out of bin laden's compound are currently in a hospital in rawalpindi and are in pakistani, not american, custody. according to the article u.s. troops took four bodies with them and no prisoners. one of those two women is said to be one of bin laden's wives. because the woman is described to be yemeni, she is probably amal ahmed al-sadah, osama's youngest wife.