Thursday, June 30, 2011

if you want to change people's habits don't give them the option of not changing

if the u.s. government wants people to use dollar coins all they have to do is stop making dollar bills. a gimmick like having a series of coins with presidential faces obviously won't work. when was the last time you considered using a different denomination or coin just because of the picture on the front?

if given a choice between a bill and a coin, people will choose a bill because: (a) a bill weighs less, (b) a dollar bill is what they are used to, and (c) bills are mentally associated with "real money" (i.e. more valuable money) because they are like twenties, fifties or one hundred dollar bills, and not like less valuable quarters dimes, nickles or pennies.if you want to get coins to catch on, you need to stop giving people a choice to use bills. eventually people will get used to the coins and will use them and will stop wishing they had dollar bills. these days no one pines for the five dollar coins because we're used to using five dollar bills.

besides, discontinuing the dollar bill is how canada did it. also, we should call our dollar coins "loonies".