Friday, July 29, 2011

the two sweetest words in the english language

so now it looks like the best scenario for us to avoid a default depends upon john boehner sacrificing his own political future for the good of the country.

god help us all.

which gets me thinking about what this default will mean, exactly? my basic understanding is that if the debt limit is not raised then the u.s. can't borrow any more money. at the same time, congress has already passed laws requiring the u.s. to spend money on various things. it's against the law not to spend that money but without being able to borrow, the u.s. government can only cover about 60% of the expenses its supposed to cover.

so who decides what 60% of america's bills get paid and which 40% don't? i assume the president does. he is the chief executive of the federal government. that is, he's the guy who executes the laws of the u.s. if all laws can't get the funding to be executed, then the chief executive has to decide which ones get funded and which ones don't.

which puts a tremendous amount of power into the president's hands, doesn't it? i mean, there's probably stuff that has been budgeted that the president isn't personally in favor of. if he has to choose what gets funded and what doesn't, then the stuff he doesn't want to fund is probably the stuff that will have to go. building projects in john boehner's district, to pick one example.

so is that actually how it will work? and if so, why the hell aren't the teatards scared to death to give our kenyan secret mooslim-in-chief so much power to unilaterally pick and choose what gets funded and what doesn't?