Friday, November 18, 2011


the number is associated with the word for "pimp" in afghanistan, so everyone avoids the number. but nobody seems to know where the association came from.

i wanted to figure out of the abjad explanation made any sense, so i found translations for "pimp" in a few languages that are used in the country and totaled up the abjad values. i couldn't get any of them to work. google translate says the persian word is جاکش ("jaaksh"?), which has a total value of 324. in urdu the word is دلال ("dalaal"?), which adds up to 65. pashtu was harder to find, but this site says that "pimp" is  بړوه ("biruuh"?), which adds up to 213 (but that's assuming that the ړ is the same as a ر, despite what looks like a small circle attached to the bottom of the pashto letter. modified arabic scripts are very confusing to me)

the arabic word for pimp قواد ("qawaad") comes in at 111. if you're going to have a cursed number, 111 is way cooler than 39.