Thursday, January 26, 2012

reason for some degree of optimism

the this american life episode i mentioned two weeks ago has both prompted a response from apple, and has gotten the NYT to start reporting on the labor practices that produce apple products. this comes just as apple posted record profits. apple's $13.1 billion is the second most profitable quarter for any company anywhere in all of recorded history and it has made apple the most valuable u.s. company.

the timing is actually perfect. plenty of people are making the connection between apple's stellar profits and it's less-than-stellar labor record. there's no question that apple can afford to do better and apple should know that everyone likes to pile on the front runner (even former apple executives are piling on). under the circumstances, i think it's virtually certain that the company is going to try to improve things for the workers. it's now in apple's interest to show real improvement right away.

(various links via techmeme and memeorandum)