Monday, February 27, 2012

does this really surprise anyone?

the iranian state media is just doing what americans always do: playing to the home audience. sure, from where we are standing it looks like the iranian state media is gratuitously destroying their opportunity to show what iranian culture has to offer for the world. but it isn't talking to us, it's talking to its own reader/viewership.

it's just like how american politicians and media personalities regularly and openly talk about invading iran and killing iranians. to someone in iran, tucker carlson looks like a  bloodthirsty maniac. but that's not tucker's audience. he's talking to americans and among americans its popular to threaten to attack iran. that's why our politicial candidates do it on a fairly regular basis. similarly, in iran, it's popular to trash israel and zionism. why would we expect iranians to have any better sense of perspective than our own people have?