Friday, March 16, 2012

new ipad day (tho not for me)

as of today, i went from cutting edge to hopelessly obsolete as the new ipad hit the shelves. even though it is just as great as it was yesterday, my ipad 2 has suddenly dropped a few notches down the coolness scale. oh well. that was fun while it lasted.

i'm sure the new ipad is great and all, but what i find really annoying about it is the name. everyone expected it to be called the "ipad 3", after all, it's the model that comes after the "ipad" and "ipad 2". but instead, apple is just calling it "the new ipad", which is all well and good now, but will start causing problems when the next model comes out and "the new ipad" isn't the new ipad anymore.

and finally, check out these photos of people getting way too excited just to be getting an ipad.