Wednesday, August 15, 2012

israel gold, kazakhstan silver

i spent eight months in kazakhstan, but from my experience kazakhstanis are not the world's worst at parking. that title, i believe, goes to israelis. contrast these two photos:


parallel parking-israeli style

the top one is the first photo is from the atlantic article linked above (which it took from the "i parked like an ass" site). i'm not sure where in kazakhstan that photo was taken, but the license plate on the badly parked car indicates that the car is registered in astana. (yes, i still remember the useless fact of all those kazakhstani license plate codes).

the bottom photo mrs. noz took of "parallel parked" cars in tel aviv.

look at the two photos. now direct your attention to the other cars around the badly parked kazakhstani car. every country has bad parkers. but the real question should not be whether you can cherry pick terrible parking examples, but how much of an outlier the bad parkers are. in the contest between kazakhstan and israel, i don't even think it's close.