Monday, September 17, 2012

video day

first "fox and friends" gets punked:

(more here)

then, mother jones publishes four videos of mitt romney speaking candidly to his super-rich voters. the one that's getting the most play is this one, in which he insults about half of the american public as a bunch of government-dependent moochers and relies upon some lousy math and an implicit attack on tax cuts that he probably didn't intend:

but i actually think this one is the most interesting:

the fact that american political consultants have become globe trotting mercenaries for repressive regimes around the world is little appreciated here in the u.s. this goes beyond using the guy who helped bibi (which won't carry any political cost in this election). i would love it if the press started asking which regimes in africa were his people advising. maybe this will get people to actually watch "our brand is crisis."

ADDING: hey, just how many times can people say "mitt romney just lost the election"? i feel like i just heard that last week.