Tuesday, October 23, 2012

only ally

"bayonets and horses" was the leading "binders full of women" of last night's debate. but it looks like second place is romney's line that "Syria is Iran's only ally in the Arab world, it's their route to the sea", which has been widely mocked as geographically challenged.

when i heard the line last night, i assumed mittens meant syria was their access to the mediterranean sea, so i didn't think it was that bad although iran's relationship with hezbollah in southern lebanon also would give it access to that sea.

the thing that stuck out to me in that line is his claim that syria is iran's only ally in the arab world. what about iraq? the maliki government is quite friendly to tehran. both romney and obama like to ignore that relationship (romney because his party doesn't  want to admit that the bush administration sacrificed blood and treasure to create a pro-iranian government in baghdad. obama because he needs to continue to deal with the maliki government and is trying to put a happy face on the withdrawal of american troops from the country), but it seemed like a glaring oversight when romney used that line last night.

if you're going to focus on something that makes romney look ignorant, a better bet is that bizarro claim that ahmedinejad should be tried for genocide for statements he has made (as opposed to actual genocide).