Friday, November 30, 2012


when i took my trip to NYC on wednesday, i booked the ticket through the ios amtrak app, and then used the eticket to board the train. what that meant is i did not need a paper ticket. through the app, i could display a bar code on my phone screen which the conductor scanned when he came by to collect tickets. because i did not know how long my hearing in NYC would last, i didn't pre-book a ticket home. but using the app, i actually booked my return ticket during the 10 minute subway ride back to penn station.

pretty spiffy, or so i thought.

anyway, the thing that has been driving me up the fucking wall ever since that trip are the notifications that keep appearing on my screen since i got back. my train trip was two days ago. why does it keep telling me that i have arrived for my train every freaking time that i wake up my phone? i don't know why, but this is really making me crazy. i have already gone through the settings, trying to find a place to switch it off, but i can't find it.

i realize that the odds of getting an answer from this are small. first, the question is only addressed to the slice of my teeny tiny audience that has an iphone, and then a slice of that group who has used the amtrak app, has run into this problem themselves, and knows how to fix it.. that could be zero people. but i'll ask anyway: does anyone know how to stop these notifications from appearing?

also, 5 noz points for anyone who can identify where the photo on my iphone home screen was taken. (by "anyone", i am excluding people who i have told. that means you elliej!)

UPDATE (11/30/12 @8:14pm): fixed it! in case anyone cares, the fix was: (1) settings -> notifications -> passbook -> switch the "notification center" to "off"; (2) check back later to see if the amtrak notice comes up (for me it did immediately after i did step 1, but not 10 mi uses later; (3) when you wake the phone up and the notice is not displaying anymore, go back to the notification center and switch the passbook notification back on.

the trick was figuring out that i needed to mess with a setting for passbook (the eticket management app that comes with iOS 6), rather than the amtrak app. which i guess means the glitch is with apple, not amtrak.

UPDATE 2 (12/3/12): dammit! the "you arrived at your train" notice reappeared this morning!!!!! now i'm back to being stumped. i might uninstall and then reinstall the amtrak app.

UPDATE 3 (12/4/12): thanks to KR, i figured it out. the train i take on my morning commute passes through 30th street station, the amtrak station for philly. because the amtrak app had its location services turned on, every time the GPS told my phone i was approaching 30th street station, it would trigger the arrival notice. to avoid getting it every morning (and evening when i commute home), all i needed to do was turn off the amtrak app's access to my phone's GPS. or at least i think that's all i have to do. we shall see if it reappears later to torment me again.

UPDATE 4 (12/4/12, later): goddammit it's back. so i deleted the amtrak app from the phone, and then turned off the phone and then turned it back on again and reinstalled the app. and then it happened again! will this stupid notice torment me forever?